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We give because LLCC gives a premier education to under-graduate students. There is a personal interaction between teacher and student which offers a solid foundation and encouragement for completing their education in a chose major field of study. – LLCC Foundation Donors

LLCC is a college with a vision, a vision made possible by a generous community.  Whether you are a current donor or considering a first-time gift, when you give to the LLCC Foundation, you share in the College’s commitment of providing excellence in education.

There are many giving opportunities to meet your needs, as well as those of our students.  Read more below, or LLCC Foundation representatives are available anytime to meet one-on-one.  E-mail us at, call (217) 786-2785 or click donate now.  Thank you!

Grow Beyond - LLCC Foundation Endowment Fund
The LLCC Annual Fund

Planned Gifts

Grow Beyond
LLCC Foundation Endowment Fund

The LLCC Foundation is currently embarking upon a major endowment campaign, a campaign critical to student success.  A robust endowment fund plays a major role in our ability to create flexible, state-of-the-art learning environments, respond quality to new initiatives, and direct assist students through scholarships and emergency short-term help.

First and foremost, it is about students.  Building a strong endowment fund is one of the most important things we can do to ensure a strong future for student today and generations to come.  With endowment funds, only the earnings are spent annually, not the principal which anchors the fund and grows over time.  An endowment gift will keep on giving well into the future, funding not only needs of the moment, but those of the future.

The LLCC Foundation Endowment Fund truly offers the college and our students great potential.  For more information, click “Grow Beyond,” simply call the LLCC Foundation at (217) 786-2785 or e-mail us at

Click here for video announcing "Grow Beyond" and learn more about the campaign.

ScholarshipsClick and meet Brooks Moreland, LLCC Ag student and scholarship recipient
The gift of education is one of the greatest one can make. LLCC Foundation scholarships are made possible by supportive community businesses, organizations and individuals, as well as through the annual faculty and staff giving campaign.

Scholarships are a great way for you to honor a loved one, promote specific career fields, or simply fulfill a lifelong passion for helping others. Our scholarship program is flexible and varied enough to allow you to achieve your philanthropic goals. There are two kinds of scholarships that you may establish:

  • Annual – A recommended amount of $1,000 is suggested.
  • Endowed – A minimum gift of $10,000 is invested, which may include one-time cash gifts, stocks and pledges. Only the net income is used, leaving the principal intact.

As a donor, you may name your scholarship, and determine the goals and standards that students must meet.  The LLCC Foundation also hosts an annual Scholarship Reception to give you and your student recipient an opportunity to meet.

Please know that gifts of all sizes are welcome and appreciated. The LLCC Foundation also has a General Scholarship Fund and emergency fund among others that provide you with other options to help students.

If you are interested in establishing a scholarship with the LLCC Foundation, please contact us at (217) 786-4502; toll free at 1-866-260-6582 or via e-mail at

The LLCC Annual Fund
The LLCC Foundation Annual Fund is an ongoing fundraising effort. As an annual donor, your belief in LLCC is important in helping us build on the tradition of high quality, affordable education. Imagine how your gift can make a difference:

  • $95 equates to one Nursing student’s uniform and supplies
  • $300 equates to tuition for a three-hour class
  • $500 equates to books for a student’s semester
  • $4,300 equates to tuition, fees and books for a full-time students (12 credit hours) for one year

For more information on the Annual Fund, simply call the LLCC Foundation at (217) 786-2785 or e-mail us at

Planned Gifts
We invite you to consider permanently linking your name to Lincoln Land Community College and be a part of building on a legacy.  Planned gifts can offer tax savings, income streams, and investment benefits. They also are a way to make a gift that will live on - leaving a legacy that will make a difference for many generations to come. Planned gifts include wills/bequests, life insurance, pooled income funds, and charitable remainder trusts.

Planned gifts can be made for any purpose and in any amount. Usually, a planned gift is much larger than an annual gift and requires the assistance of an attorney or the donor's advisor. Many times, planned gifts are made through provisions in one's will, an extremely important document.  Those concerned about preserving current income but still want to make a special gift to the college often select to remember us in their wills.

We encourage donors to consult a professional financial advisor, legal counsel regarding estate planning, as well as the LLCC Foundation when considering making a deferred gift to the College.

Language for your will:
I give, devise, and bequeath to Lincoln Land Community College Foundation, an Illinois charitable corporation, the sum of $______________ (or a description percentage of the specific asset) for the general purposes of helping students at Lincoln Land Community College.

It is also possible to make a planned gift while one is still living, through life insurance and charitable remainder trusts. In fact, any time you consider the timing or tax benefits of making a gift, you may be making a planned gift.

If you would like more information about how to include the Foundation in your will or how to make a special gift to the College that provides you with annual payments, tax savings, and other benefits, please contact us at the address, telephone number, or e-mail address below.

Karen Sanders
Executive Director
LLCC Foundation
5250 Shepherd Road
Springfield, IL 62794
(217) 786-2784

NOTE: This information is provided as an educational service. Personal advisors should always be consulted.

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